3D Radar Tomography

3D Radar Tomography gives us the capability to "see" underground. Any known geophysical anomalies, both known and unknown facilities, boulders, buried building foundations, to name a few, can be located with this 3DRT.

Traditional Subsurface Utility Engineering, although functional in the past, does not ensure accuracy or volume of information to builders or designers; there is still the need to make assumptions, sometimes with very undesirable results. 3D Radar Tomography allows us to know the continuous subsurface location and direction of the utilities. With continued use of 3D Radar Tomography, the future will be such that designer and/or contractor would diminish the potential for design changes and/or a reduction in overall liability cost and claims.

Clients already taking advantage of the technology are: Departments of Transportation, Government facilities, Military Facilities, Colleges & Universities, Municipal Governments and Private Contractors.

Like our above ground highways, our underground highways are already crowded and becoming more crowded daily. The need for accurate subsurface utility data grows exponentially with the population and our demand for services and conveniences. More water, sewer, gas, cable television, telephone, internet and electricity installations as well as upgrades to existing systems demand accurate utility information. Radar Tomography offers a practical solution to this critical issue.

Radar Tomography can depict the continuous location and elevation of existing subsurface utilities. Interpolation between two spot dig elevations is no longer necessary. Variations in the horizontal and vertical placement of a buried facility can be very accurately depicted, including, fittings, bends and offsets. Data that could be critical to the success of any design and construction project.

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